Friday, August 8, 2014

It has been awhile since I have tried to promote my Novel, here is a quick post I did on another site.

Asky asked me how much it cost to get my book published,

I paid 39, bucks extra to get a bigger cut of my book. I buy them wholesale for $3.75 each and I sell them at what ever price I want. You can check me out by going to amazon and pulling up my name...Ron Lemco, Rest Stop. It sells for 12.95 + postage of which I do nothing Amazon sends my book out and I receive about $4 per sale. Or I buy all I want for 3.75 and sell them myself and I inscribe the book personally to the buyer. I get 15 bucks sent to pay-pal and I mail the book myself. Best thing in the world is to hold a copy of your book in your hand, and you can do that for nothing if you want, Createspace will send you a finished proof for nothing.

Go to for all the information on getting your book published.

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