Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rest Stop is a fast-paced novel that grabs the reader to turn the next page. It gives insight in to prison with a first hand view. The story is told in a believable realistic manner. The characters are real whether you like them or not you get insight of how they feel.
The escaped convicts are on a quest to get to a rest area outside Las Vegas. Their goal is what the whole story is about. All the stories are intervened by fate or bad luck to pull into the rest stop.
I thought of the movie Jaws and how the fear of sharks enters your mind before you get in the water. When I stop at a rest area at night to relieve myself as I get out of my car I look for sharks.
Poetry and novels do not usually go together; it works well in this novel. Much of the language is harsh but appropriate considering the source. I have never read a book quite like rest stop. I recommend it highly.

Available on Kindel for 6.95
Well you wrote a story, you got a great movie Idea. You know how good it is. NOW WHAT?
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Thats where I am and if your there too, well the more heads together the better. Read below my e-mail address is there, Lets talk. I am in the new thought moad, lets help each other out.
Here is an old idea from when we were all kids that will work writters that believe in our work so much, yet need feed back just for our own ego. I admit I am one of these people. Here is the Idea.
You show me yours I will show you mine" Here is how it could work. First E-mail me at rlemco@aol,com, Tell me the name of your book, I will then go an pull it up. I will read your synopsis then give you my honest opinion in a review on your book for everyone to see. In return you do the same on my book." Rest Stop" A prison escape and pursuit novel on Kindel.( there I got in a plug)
Question right: why bother with the E-mail first, o.k. heres why so each of us keeps up our end of the bargin, besides a friendship can be formed, an ideas exchanged, This would be better done one on one .