Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rest Stop is a fast-paced novel that grabs the reader to turn the next page. It gives insight in to prison with a first hand view. The story is told in a believable realistic manner. The characters are real whether you like them or not you get insight of how they feel.
The escaped convicts are on a quest to get to a rest area outside Las Vegas. Their goal is what the whole story is about. All the stories are intervened by fate or bad luck to pull into the rest stop.
I thought of the movie Jaws and how the fear of sharks enters your mind before you get in the water. When I stop at a rest area at night to relieve myself as I get out of my car I look for sharks.
Poetry and novels do not usually go together; it works well in this novel. Much of the language is harsh but appropriate considering the source. I have never read a book quite like rest stop. I recommend it highly.

Available on Kindel for 6.95

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